How to Activate 2-Step Verification in Whatsapp

two step verification whatsapp

The two-step verification could be considered as the best way to secure your WhatsApp online version accounts. Technology has bought us closer and it has become inevitable to keep these chat conversations secured from any hacking dangers. One best option introduced by WhatsApp communications application to secure your identity and virtual conversations from tech thieves is the 2 step authentication.

Why is 2-step verification important?

Conventional methods of safeguarding your community apps were done with passwords. But hackers found it easy to hack the password; therefore the tech supporters have introduced more secured double verification options for assurance purposes. Though this is optional it is very important because it offers huge protection to your WhatsApp web and mobile account.

How to set up the Two-step verification on your WhatsApp account?

2 step verification WhatsApp

The first step is to check if you have the latest updated WhatsApp online version on your mobile or computer. In case you are in the older version check for updates in the Google play store or Apple app store for the latest updates and install them immediately.

Android devices

  • If you are using an Android mobile then click on the three dots displayed on the top right corner above the conversations chat lists.
  • Open the menu by clicking the three dots, choose the settings, next account> next Two-step verification > and last Enable, options.

Apple devices


  • If you possess an iPhone or Apple devices then open the WhatsApp account then choose the settings >¬† Account > Two-Step verification > the last click on the Enable option.

You will be prompted to enter a passcode of six-digit numbers, and then you need to enter the same number once again.

Always remember this code number as this will be your password for future references. Next, you might be asked to provide your email address. WhatsApp online will send a link to this email for enabling you to remember the code number.

Now your WhatsApp account is absolutely safe from intruders and hackers. Your account can be accessed only by entering the generated passcode number. Enjoy your private secure conversations without any fear of being hacked.

In case you feel that the two-step verification is not necessary for your WhatsApp online account, then turn off this particular feature by selecting the settings and then two-step verification option and last choosing the Disable option.

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