How To Turn On Whatsapp Dark Mode On iPhone Or iPad

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The most popular social application the WhatsApp web for iPhone had introduced an awesome dark mode feature exclusively for their users, WhatsApp the social networking app has recently launched this brilliant feature for both android and iOS users.

The WhatsApp web app developers have been working on this particular feature for a long period of time and have now released the perfect test versions for both Android and iOS operating software systems.

What is a dark mode feature?

The dark mode feature is a wonderfully designed feature that enables optimum protection to your eyes from being stressed while using the WhatsApp web for iPhone in dim light.

Similarly, it also allows the mobile settings to automatically adjust the lighting when you start looking into your phone in a dark room at night.

The dark mode feature is generated to be black in color, exclusively for users of Apple mobile phones.

Steps to enable dark mode feature on the iPhone

whatsapp web for iphone

First, it is essential that you check if your WhatsApp web for the iPhone version is updated with the latest updates, In case you have automatic updating settings on your iPhone, then naturally your mobile is ready to have the dark mode.

However, if you have an older version simply install the latest updated version immediately from the App Store. Users having the WhatsApp web for iPhone iOS 13 versions will enjoy the automated installation of the dark mode theme if you have activated the dark system-wide feature on your mobile settings.

Guidelines for installing the dark mode feature

  • First, you should click on the icon displayed for the main settings on your iPhone.
  • Search for the Brightness and Display on the setting menu and choose that option
  • Now click on the Dark option in order to enable the dark mode feature on your Apple mobile phone.
  • Another way to enable this feature on your WhatsApp web for iPhone is by going to the Control Centre and choosing the Dark Mode feature.

The iPhone users across the globe have been waiting for the manufacturer team to introduce this wonderful feature on their system.

With the dark mode feature, you can now chat and enjoy the conversations through WhatsApp web for iPhone without any worries about causing strain to your eyes or the application draining life from your mobile battery.

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