Some Important Facts On The Whatsapp Web Qr Code

Whatsapp Web Qr Code

QR Code is a square graphic label that is machine-readable, QR Code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code, QR Code is different from the customary bar code in that it can hold a comparatively greater quantity of data. Apps quickly scan a QR Code and decode it to read the underlying information. Interesting use of the QR Code is in the web version of  Whatsapp. We will know more about the Whatsapp web QR code in this article.

The use of WhatsApp on a laptop or desktop

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Most people use WhatsApp. Going by statistics, this cell phone messaging app has some 2 billion users. This popular cell phone messaging app is an excellent way of connecting with friends and family members. All that people need to use this messaging app is a smartphone and a network connection. However, people like to use WhatsApp on their computers.

A reason that many prefer using their laptop or desktop is that they are more comfortable working on them than on a smartphone.  Many also do so in the workplace or in the classroom. The reason is that they can’t use a smartphone there.

They can do so by using the Whatsapp web QR code. They can access their WhatsApp chats on a laptop or a desktop.

How to start using Whatsapp on the laptop or desktop

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The first step to doing so is authentication. This authentication is different from what people do to log into Twitter or Facebook. While the process here is somewhat different, it’s very easy. There is no need for a username, email ID, or password. The Whatsapp web QR code is needed.

As we have stated in the first paragraph, the QR Code is able to store information just as a barcode does. It can be thought of as an advanced barcode. It’s different from a barcode in that there is no need for a handheld scanner for scanning a QR Code. Just a smartphone will do.

Another widespread use of QR Codes is in mobile payment platforms that include Paytm, WeChat, Mobikwik, and BHIM App.

Just as these payment platforms, WhatsApp uses QR Codes for authenticating its subscribers and letting them access WhatsApp chats on their computer. They must scan the code on their laptop or desktop using WhatsApp on their smartphone.

QR Code Authentication to access WhatsApp on PCs

How did you first create your WhatsApp account? Did you put in any credentials? No. All that you did was register your phone number and used an OTP to verify it? Thus, there is no login or password for starting WhatsApp on PCs with you.

So how can you access Whatsapp on the PC? How does the app verify you so that you can see the right chats? The answer is using the WhatsApp app that’s logged in on your smartphone. So, the phone of the users is his password. He can use it for logging into Whatsapp on his PC.

Accessing WhatsApp Chats on the PC

It takes some steps to access your Whatsapp chats on the PC

  1. The first thing is to visit on the PC. Another way is downloading the Whatsapp app for the PC. A black-and-white QR Code will emerge on the main screen.  A point to note is that Code is dynamic and keeps changing at intervals of some seconds
  2. The next thing to do is open WhatsApp on the smartphone. A point to note is that WhatsApp is only for use in Android-based smartphones, iPhones, and Windows phones.
  • Android users much click the vertical dots on the right corner at the top of the screen. This will open the “WhatsApp web” option
  • iPhone users should navigate to the Settings tab and click on the same option
  1. Next is tapping the ‘+’ sign on the right corner at the top of the screen for opening the scanner. This scanner launches automatically in iPhones
  2. Next is scanning the QR Code on the desktop app or browser screen. This will make the phone vibrate, and the authentication is going to be completed

The chats will be loaded on the desktop screen, and users can chat via their system.

A point to note is that the smartphone must be powered and connected to the web. Otherwise, WhatsApp won’t work on the PC. The smartphone plays the role of a server. When it’s switched off or not connected to the web, the user can’t view his chats on the PC.

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Sometimes the Whatsapp web QR code does not work

Often people complain that their QR code for Whattsapp isn’t working. Now, there are several possible reasons that the QR codes don’t get scanned. One is using the smartphone as a hotspot for connecting the PC to the web. Another is that the smartphone isn’t connected to the web or the web connection is not stable. It could also be that the computer isn’t connected to the internet or the connection’s weak. The WhatsApp service could also be down

There are some fixes to this problem based on the possible causes.

Fixing the problem of the QR code for Whatsapp on the PC not working

  • Those using their phone as a hotspot on their PC should change their computer to another internet connection
  • It’s essential to check that the phone is connected to the web
  • Make sure that browsing is possible on the PC
  • Use the PC and smartphone to check the internet peed
  • Verify that WhatsApp isn’t down. The WhatsApp service status can be checked by clicking


Whatsapp web QR code has more uses than accessing the app in a laptop or a desktop. There are two more uses of QR codes in WhatsApp.  One of them is to add participants to an existing WhatsApp group. Another of them is to chat with a Whatsapp user without saving his/her contact number.

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